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Semi-Private Training


Launching APRIL 6th 2020 is our brand new Semi-Private Training! 


Our SEMI-PRIVATE training is our unique small group session that allows you to work out in the studio under the supervision of one of our trainers/specialists. with a specific program for your own individual requirements.  


Perfect for those who: 

  • Are new to exercise,

  • Pre-Op or Post-Op requirements

  • Injury Re-hab

  • Over 55 exercise

  • Want an individualised training program

  • Cautious about exercise intensity. 


We use our structured Mx3 (Mobility, Movement, Motion) program for each and every client to ensure we build a strong, balanced and pain-free body.


Your program is assessed and updated at set periods to ensure you are always working forward with your physical abilities. For our injury, surgery and joint replacement Rehab/Prehab members, these classes are designed to improve your basic strengths, mobilities and movements in a realistic and functional environment to ensure long-term recovery/health/improvement.


Semi-Private Training require an assessment and programming consult so call (3852 6223) or email us now to book in your first session now. ONLINE Booking available closer to date.