Implementing the fundamentals of Mobility, Movement and Motion to build your body from the inside out through everyday physical movements.


Health For Life
Fitness and Rehabilitation

Welcome to our family-friendly fitness facility. Regardless of your current capacities and needs, we have the right tools and programs to help you achieve your physical goals.


We are experts in physical movement and exercise programming (general FITNESS and FITNESS REHAB), combining proven techniques, the latest knowledge and our own experienced based training system.


Please contact us if you have any questions here, or click through to read more about our training methods, our trainers and services we offer.

How Can We Help You?

Fitness and Rehab

Our most personalised training. Perfect for those with specific physical needs, pre-hab, late-stage rehab (both injury and surgery related), those getting back into exercise and those who prefer the benefits of a truly tailored exercise and movement program.

Fitness and Rehab

Personalised programming in a controlled, small group setting.
Perfect for those with pre-hab and late stage re-hab needs or those who prefer their group training to be more specific to their needs. Register your interest here.


The most popular style of fitness training today. From Morning Circuit Training (anything goes), to studio based Weights Circuits, Box-Fit and Foam Rolling/Stretching, we have a group session that will fit your goals and needs.

Client Testimonials

"I was referred to Royce during my recuperation from shoulder surgery. He has taught me a whole new way of working out in the gym, with an emphasis on functional fitness and away from my reliance on machines"


"In 10 years at Health For Life, they have rehabilitated my badly broken shoulder and helped me recover from a serious operation. I have been pushed but never beyond my capabilities and never to the point of injury"


"For over a decade. we have attended a weekly private group session and are committed Morning Circuit attendees. Great fun, great people and I get to push my fitness.  I am in my mid-forties and never been fitter!"


"After a devastating knee injury where i was told i wouldn't walk properly, I eventually made it to Health For Life who got me strong, stable and even running! They provide challenging, fun and safe rehab training, as well as great agility, fitness and strength workouts."


"I've been a One-on-One and Group Training member for over 10 years. The group fitness classes provide a different dynamic to the one-on-one training and provide a fun and relaxed way of improving your fitness, particularly the Saturday morning group boxing class."


"I survived a massive heart attack and rehab but quickly fell back into bad habits. Fast forward less than one year, I am fit and strong, lost 23kgs and feel great. PT made me strong first, with the right technique on each exercise, the fitness came once I had improved my strength."


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