One-on-One Training

The most individualised method of physical training we offer. Get the specific training program and advice you need. During our One on One sessions, you will receive training that is tailored to your individual needs and strengths and weaknesses. Bring your partner and/or a friend for added support or friendly competition.


We have a combined 35+ years training 

everyone from:

* the young to the elderly,

* the injured to the healthy,

* the overweight to slim,

* the inactive to the active,

* the athlete to the non-athlete

* and just about everything in-between,


We know we can provide the right program for you. We use our structured Mx3 (Mobility, Movement, Motion) program for each and every client to ensure we build a strong, balanced and pain-free body.


Our ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING also includes rehabilitation, pre-habilitation, snow fitness and sport specific training.

Please note our available spaces for One-on-One training are limited.