About Us

Health For Life Fitness and Rehabilitation is a personalised training centre for people of all ages and physical abilities. We aim to provide a fun, family friendly and non-intimidating exercise community that incorporates leading edge training programs to help with everything from weight loss to rehabilitation to sport specific and bootcamp style training.


After over 16 years operation, we are sure we can provide the type of training that suits you. Our studio contains everything needed for constantly changing workouts from dumbbells to rowers and balance boards. We have showering facilities available to clients as well as the beautiful open spaces of Newstead Park, and the surrounding hills of Albion, Ascot and Hamilton.


We focus on 2 main area of training - general FITNESS and FITNESS REHAB. Both these types of training (often overlapping) are offered in the form of One-on-One Personal Training, Semi-Private Training and larger Group Fitness training (6+) such as our Morning Circuit, Box-Fit, Weights Circuit and Foam Rolling/Stretching. 

We have seen the trends come and go, and still we remain, providing the highest quality and relevancy of service to our clients and local community. Our difference is our experience. In the age of Google, everyone is an expert with information, but what truly separates the real experts is the day to day observation and application of that information. That is how we created and now implement our standards for exercise that we call our Mx3 Training System (Mobility, Movement, Motion). It is this system that allows us to successfully train such a diverse variety of clients. This system also guides us through our rehabilitation process no matter what the dysfunction.


So come and give us a go, we guarantee that this is fitness done in an entirely unique and sensible way. 

Royce Simms


Royce has 15 years fitness industry experience and is a co-owner of Health for Life. His Tuesday morning bootcamp and Box-Fit sessions have become renowned within the Health For Life Community. He has played at the top level for the Canterbury Bulldogs in the NRL competition and gained expert knowledge and experience whilst training under some of Australia’s top fitness guru’s in Billy Johnston and former Olympic coach, Kelvin Giles.


Royce holds additional qualifications in structural and applied anatomy, lifestyle and wellness management, sports nutrition and weight loss/gain management and has also written a version of the Certificate III in Fitness that is currently adopted in High Schools in Queensland.


With this extended experience in the fitness industry, there are not many types of clients whose lives he has not successfully improved. 

Sean Longhurst


Sean brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to any training situation. There are not many types of physical health and fitness he has not successfully worked with and he likes to break the perception of Personal Training being all about yelling at clients to work harder. 

His true passion lies in the fields of general and sports Rehabilitiation and helping those who have long retired from exercise to get back into regular physical movement. Of course getting people fit for skiing or snowboarding is just about as excited as one man can get!


Sean believes everyone should enjoy their workout experience regardless of age, ability or goal. "If training is something to look forward to, then its much easier to stick to".

Ba Sport & Exercise Science

Cert III & IV in Fitness

Rehab Trainer

David Netterfield


David likes training people of all ages, is a good listener and is passionate about helping you succeed. He uses some of the proven Strength Training and Fitness Methods as well as the latest tools including Myofascial Mobilisers, Rehab Training, ViPR, TRX and other techniques to facilitate change and build a healthy platform on which to achieve your goals. David also likes you to have some fun along the way.


Cert III & IV in Fitness 

Rehab Trainer -Rehab Essentials

Functional Ageing & Exercise Trainer

Fascial Fitness (14 Hours Training) 

SMR (Self Myofascial Release) Foam Roller Certification

Institute of Motion Mentorship Level 1 

Kinetic Link Training-Levels 1 & 2 

ViPR Trainer Certification (Loaded Movement Training)

TRX Suspension Training Course 

Punchfit Trainer Certification

Lauren McDonnell


Hello, my name is Lauren and I am passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves.

When I’m not at the gym, I’m at home with my little fur babies. They aren’t actually little but they certainly think they are. I am a lover of dogs.

During my life, I’ve played a lot of different sport and currently in my 15th year of netball. I’m a lover of coffee and good food so you can always catch me socialising at a cafe.

I love running the BoxFit classes. There is guaranteed laughs, fun and good times. So if any of those things appeal to you, I’m sure you’ll love boxing as much as I do.

I love helping people realise their full potential and pushing people to their limits.

‘If you never try, you’ll never know.’